Office Policies

Insurance Notice

As of December 01, 2016, our office will not accept any insurance programs.

Patient Status and Cancellations

For our established patients, we can refill medications or provide simple advice outside of appointments for only one year from your last visit. If it has been this long, and you wish to remain current as an established patient, we ask that you make an appointment again. If your questions are complex, we ask that you make an appointment sooner.

If it has been more than three years since your last visit, you will return as a new patient.

Since it is a priority to meet the appointment needs of our established patients, we are not able to respond to all new patient appointment requests immediately. However, we are maintaining waiting lists for each practitioner and look forward to seeing you as soon as we can.

For your first visit, it is best if you can bring a written timeline of your health events so far which includes major illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, and new diagnoses, particularly if your health history is complicated. Bring any medical records or test results that you have in your possession, particularly hospital discharge summaries, specialist consultations, imaging studies, lab reports, surgery summaries, and pathology reports.

Payment is expected at the time of your visit. We do not accept any insurance plans but will submit the claim to your insurance. Please bring photo identification and your current insurance card. We accept cash, check, Master Card, and Visa.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify our office by phone by 3:00 p.m. the prior business day. For appointments cancelled after this or missed, a missed appointment fee of $100 for new patients and $45 for existing patients applies.

Consultations outside of regularly scheduled office or telemedicine visits, either submitted directly through the patient portal or relayed by telephone through the front office, will result in a charge. This includes requests for care and consultation

  • Submitted through the patient portal
  • Relayed by telephone through the front office
  • Made during nights and weekends through the answering service

Charges will be based on the time required of the practitioner, and on the same scale as office and telemedicine visits. For those with traditional Medicare, a lower fee schedule applies.

There is no charge for the following services:

  • Simple clarification questions on care recently rendered
  • Our notes on lab and imaging results that were ordered at a recent scheduled visit
  • Regular prescription refills up to 12 months since the last scheduled visit
  • Controlled substance refills up to 3 months since the last scheduled visit, after which time another such visit would be needed.

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